Procurant Introduces Breakthrough Technology Platform for Fresh Food Buyers, Producers and Category Managers

New Procurant ONE Platform leverages innovations in blockchain, IoT,
analytics and mobility to lower order management costs while bringing
retailers, wholesalers and brokers closer to producers

LOS GATOS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–lt;a href=”” target=”_blank”gt;#Procurantlt;/agt;–Procurant,
a new Silicon Valley company providing software solutions for the food
industry, today announced the release of Procurant ONE, a cloud-based
software platform that supports commerce, logistics, traceability and
safety across the global food supply chain. The platform is the first of
its kind to bring together blockchain, IoT and mobility across the
complete food supply chain to provide a secure, traceable way for
retailers and wholesalers to source, contract and buy perishable goods.

“Today there is unnecessary cost, complexity and waste in the fresh food
supply chain. With Procurant ONE, we’re taking the first step in
offering an alternative to the legacy systems that aren’t solving the
challenges of this industry, either for buyers or producers, and
modernizing the way safe, healthy food gets from farms to tables,” said
Eric Peters, CEO of Procurant.

Procurant ONE is the first release from Procurant, a company founded by
industry and technology experts from leading enterprise software, retail
grocery and food traceability solution providers. With decades of
collective experience in the fresh food industry, Procurant’s team knew
the status quo systems of today weren’t optimized to address the
challenges of tomorrow.

“Most retailers today are using technology that’s at least a decade or
more out of date and are working with partners that haven’t materially
advanced the industry since the early 2000s,” said Peters. “That
translates into unnecessary costs, risks and complexity, and the whole
system is long overdue for an upgrade.”

The journey of fresh food from its source to a consumer’s table can pass
through the hands of several businesses and locations. Each step along
the way has the potential to introduce risks and costs for all involved.
In addition, those working in the industry often play different roles
and operate from multiple locations throughout the day. Because of this,
Procurant ONE was designed from the ground up with flexibility in mind
and with advanced technologies in the areas of blockchain, IoT and
mobility. Unlike legacy systems that can require multiple logins or
costly customization for unique workflows and job responsibilities,
Procurant ONE easily adapts to complex roles and environments. The
result is a platform that helps farmers, producers, shippers,
distributors and retailers in their strategic planning as well as their
day-to-day supply chain processes.

“This team is quite experienced, so even though we started with a blank
sheet we had an advantage in knowing where significant benefits could be
realized by our customers,” said Bharath Kumar, Senior Vice President of
Engineering. “In addition, our customers want every aspect of the system
to be mobile and easy to fit to their particular environments. So we
designed Procurant ONE top to bottom with respect for what works and
with business users in mind. Our advanced engineering approach with new
technologies such as blockchain to guarantee the security of the data
and IoT to better integrate sensors and devices of all kinds gives our
customers a solid foundation for the modern food supply chain.”

Key product features included in Procurant ONE include:

  • Centralized way to manage product specifications
  • Trading partner discovery and management
  • Demand forecasting, aggregation and allocation
  • Inventory tracking and planning to facilitate smarter buying decisions
  • Pricing tools to help monitor and negotiate better deals with trading
  • Collaborative order management and exception handling
  • Instant shipment notifications
  • Invoice matching and payment tracking
  • Optimized load planning and delivery status tracking
  • Mobile supply chain applications with instant alerts and notifications
  • Seamless integration with ERP and other business software systems

Procurant ONE is currently in limited release, with full general
availability scheduled for the second quarter of 2019.

For more information about Procurant ONE, visit

About Procurant

Procurant is the first company to build a mobile, blockchain-based
software solution for the global fresh food supply chain. The company
uses advanced technology to support teams at every stage of the supply
chain to manage transactions and processes. The company was founded by
industry veterans with decades of experience delivering solutions to
grower shippers, distributors and retailers.


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