OriginClear, Inc. Names Tom Marchesello Chief Operating Officer

Charged with scaling up the company’s modularized water treatment model

. (OTC: OCLN),
a leading provider of water treatment solutions, reported today that
distinguished military veteran, financier and technologist Tom
Marchesello, the driving force behind developing the Modular
Water Systems
business & product lines, has been named the Company’s
Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Marchesello served in the U.S. Air Force as a Captain at Air Force Space
Command Headquarters, leading aerospace operations and strategic
planning for satellite communications, earth science monitoring,
Geographic Information (GIS) and Positioning (GPS) Systems.

After leaving the service, Marchesello worked in finance and high
technology operations for 20 years with such companies as Sony
Electronics, Thompson Reuters, Morgan Stanley, CME Group, and prominent
middle market Private Equity Groups. As a Director of M&A Investments at
Bainbridge Investment Banking Group, he hired and led a 30-person
buyside team to acquire over $1 billion of industrial manufacturing &
distribution business units and identify industry trends.

“I welcome Tom Marchesello to help operate our growing company,” said
Riggs Eckelberry, OriginClear President and CEO. “His rapid intervention
is now driving major reaches from business users that have to deal with
their own water treatment problems, and are attracted to the advantages
of a Water
System In A Box™

“Tom first became keenly interested in our WaterChain™ decentralized
water financing project last year and worked with me on its research and
development. He’d had hands-on experience with early Blockchain for the
CME Group and had been advising recently successful Fintech companies
that had gone public or been acquired. His recent work in developing our
Modular Water Systems business convinced us of his value at the highest
operational level in the company.”

As OriginClear COO, Tom is charged with scaling up the assembly-line
modular water treatment business, driving Modular
Water Systems
and its products to market success as the company’s
flagship brand, supported by the existing service and technology
divisions, with the ultimate goal of developing a strong water company
specializing in ultra-durable pump stations and decentralized water

Tom holds a BS in Finance from Pennsylvania State University and an MBA
from San Diego State University. He is a co-inventor on US
Patent #7,613,634
, for performing Electronic Retailing. He received
two Air Force Achievement Medals, two Air Force Commendation Medals and
a Gulf War Service Medal.

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About OriginClear, Inc.

OriginClear is a leading provider of water treatment solutions and the
developer of a breakthrough water cleanup technology serving the rapidly
growing $500 billion world market. Through its wholly owned
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in a wide range of industries, such as municipal, pharmaceutical,
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