Dekan Kids Supports the Government’s Approach to Counter the Spread of the Coronavirus

EGILAA, KUWAIT / ACCESSWIRE / August 5, 2020 / The Corona pandemic prompted the world to face a new stifling financial crisis, which had a very big impact as it affected the local and global economy, and became threatening the world with economic stagnation, and all this was due to the rapid spread of the Coronavirus that struck the global economy and this is what made governments take Procedures and policies to contain the infection so that the virus does not spread further,

Among the most important of these are the closing of shops at specified times according to the emergency law, and the imposition of employees and workers to practice social distancing and adherence to hygiene in their personal lives, because adherence to these recommendations helps to reduce the speed of the spread of infection and the risk of infection with this virus.

And many companies have supported this government approach, especially textile, sewing, clothing, children’s clothing, shoes and accessories companies due to this crisis, and among these commercial companies, The famous Dekan Kids selling baby clothes and accessories that are branded as DEKANKIDS, and depend on local industry and offer international quality, making it unique to other companies.

In order to avoid marketing congestion and gatherings in quarantine and health emergencies due to the pandemic of the new Coronavirus and the practice of social distancing, the company added a range of new products in its online store. and it has expanded its logistical network to help its customers to shop in the best conditions and relieve their suffering because of their fear of being infected with the virus, and with this procedure the company has become serving many countries, taking safety and virus protection measures recommended by governments. and all of this in order to ensure the health of its customers in the current situation.

This online store is distinguished from other online stores by the policy of return and exchange that encourages customers to purchase with ease because it guarantees them their rights in case the buyer wants to return and exchange the purchases that he did not like, as this policy is done flexibly and easily.

Shipping is free if the value of the goods or merchandise exceeds eighty KD, as well as shipping to all cities and regions of the State of Kuwait and abroad, i.e. the rest of the world.

In addition, customers can get everything related to children such as clothes and accessories in the Dekan Kids store by visiting their website without the need to browse other websites and online stores that are concerned with the same field i.e., designing and selling children’s clothing,

The company can also be found and contacted through its official account on Instagram named DekanKids. @dekankids


Business name: DEKANKIDS
Phone. +96551405514


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